Change text Avada Load More Posts

Change text Avada Load More Posts

i See the issue for the Avada users in some cases they want to change the text of Avada Blog element (Load More Posts for the Blog Archive Page) or in archive pages.

Some of them going change with css which is wrong. so copy the code below and add into your function.php or you can add into code snippets .

Here is code :

					// Change the Load More Posts Text
function my_load_more_posts_name( $load_more_posts ) {
	$load_more_posts = "change the text here ";
	return $load_more_posts;
add_filter( 'avada_load_more_posts_name', 'my_load_more_posts_name' );

Add code using woody code snippets plugin

i personally prefer to add code into theme with using Woody Code Snippets which is best so far !

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